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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Community Clock?

To get the word out, and spread it far and wide! Serving the greater region, there's no need to coordinate and manage posts on multiple sites. Community Clock® has created a simple way for you to post your events, to make it much easier to schedule dates and maximize attendance at your events. Publish your events here on Community Clock® so EVERYONE can know about them.

What's it cost?

Browsing the calendar is free and open to everyone, but if you'd like to post your events, you must sign up and purchase a membership. Membership costs are as follows:

Non/Profit, School, or Civic Org

1 Year (Discounted)$150
6 Months$85


1 Year (Discounted)$400
6 Months$240


Per Month$25

Pay via all major credit cards or by sending us a check.

What's this about Spotlight?

"Spotlight" is a special column on the calendar where upcoming events are featured on the homepage, as well as in a devoted column on individual event pages. It is a membership add-on for those who would like to give their events a little extra punch. This feature highlights events by placing them on the shortlist in the Spotlight column, giving them even greater visibilty and ensuring they reach the widest audience! (Out of courtesy, we ask that members who have signed up for the Spotlight feature limit Spotlight listings to individual events of 3 days or less.)

Ok, how do I become a member?

It's simple. Set up your account, choose your subscription plan and securely pay the membership via all major credit cards or sending a check, and start posting!

Does Community Clock handle any of my ticket sales or reservations?

No. Community Clock accepts no money for your event nor do we accept reservations for your event. Your customer is led to your website via the link in your listing OR to your organization's office by the phone number listed to buy any tickets or make reservations .

Do you answer user inquiries about my events?

No. We do not have any contact with your customers. If someone is interested in your event, they must go to your website or call your office for further information.

What if I do not renew my membership? Do my future events stay on the calendar?

No. If you decide to let your membership lapse by not renewing, your events will no longer be listed on the calendar after the last day of your membership.

Should I list my events in several applicable categories or only one category?

You should give your event as many applicable categories as possible. This way a user has more likelihood of finding it.

Can I add images to my event description?

No, the site does not accomodate images in the event description at this time.

Why am I seeing funny characters in my event description?

When you copy and paste text from an external document into the event description, you may indadvertently bring along characters the browser doesn't know how to translate - and as a result something odd will render in it's place instead. There is a fair bit of technical backstory here, but very simply, some file formats (for example, Microsoft Word) include a variety of characters and/or proprietary "extensions" that are incompatible with Latin-1 and/or Unicode, the standard character sets used on the web. "Smart" quotes, em and en dashes, ellipsis, and special space "characters" are a few of the common offenders. The simple solution is to go back to you admin section, find the event in question, and edit the text, deleting the problematic characters and simply re-typing them.

Issues viewing the site with Internet Explorer.

Older versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer do not support many established HTML web standards, and as a result you may experience issues viewing our site. To get the best possible experience, we recommend you upgrade to the current version of Internet Explorer, or use another browser to browse our website - Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera are all excellent browsers.

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