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About Us

Community Clock® is a new way to plan and coordinate events by posting them on a master calendar that is available for viewing to the public.

The developer of this web site recognized the dilemma of organizers when planning their events without the knowledge of other potential conflicting events in their community.

The goal of any planned event is to maximize the audience for the greatest sales potential. Community Clock® will make available this critical coordination by its web-based events calendar. When planning events, imagine referencing a calendar that includes all planned events in the community? If there is a conflict on one date, an alternate date could be chosen. Or, a call could be made to the organization with the conflicting event to find a mutually satisfactory solution by coordinating dates. Planning is everything.

Because most event plans are made a year or even two years in advance, postings can go out as far into the future as needed on communityclock.com.

Local vendors have an opportunity to promote as well. Community Clock® offers a local Resource Directory that provides a listing of services to the community.

How does communityclock.com work?

An organization or business signs on to communityclock.com and joins. By paying a subscription fee, they receive a user name and password. They now have administrative ability to enter all of their events on the calendar that will include the specifics of each event such as date, time, type of entertainment, price, location and, most importantly, a link to organization's web site for ticket purchase and more information. Events can be entered as far into the future as there are plans. Should date/venue/other specifics change - edits can be made at any time by the administrator thus allowing information to always be accurate.

In addition to event listings, vendors can purchase a subscription. They will set up a user name and password to create a listing on Community Clock's Resource Directory that lists their services offered and contact information: phone number, address and web site link (if available by vendor). This is available for free to the public to be used as a great resource tool for local services. Customers can browse by category. Vendors will be able to update their listing at any time with their latest news and offerings via their administrator edit capabilities.

Community Clock® is available free to the public. A visitor to the site will be able to sort their search by: Town; Category; Day; Week and/or Month. The visitor will also be able to download the event listing from communityclock.com to their personal calendar via their smart phone or computer.

Communityclock.com will be promoted in local media and on social networks as a fabulous way to find out what is going on.

Once communityclock.com is used by one business, organization or vendor it will become useful to others because it is the simplest and easiest way to plan, post and promote!

About the Founder, Diana Swoyer

Diana Swoyer (Founder) brings a variety of business experience to Community Clock LLC.

Her business life began with a 30-year career in the film business making TV commercials in New York City, throughout the U.S. and Europe. In 1997 she co-founded Open Frame Productions.

After she retired from the film business, Diana took over ownership and management of Anne Fairbanks Ltd a custom clothing manufacturer. For 3 years she traveled from Boca Grande, Florida to Northeast Harbor, Maine selling the line of high-end women's clothing.

It was working at Hollister House Garden, a non-profit garden in Washington, CT, that gave her the idea for a community events calendar.

Community Clock LLC was founded in 2012.

Diana Swoyer
Founder, Managing Member
Community Clock LLC
PO Box 724
Bethlehem, CT 06751


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